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Over the recent years, Acrux Shipping Pvt.Ltd has been able to garner greater shares of the classified market because of a general shift to more online activity and greater acceptability of its offerings in the online space. Now, Acrux Shipping Pvt.Ltd is clearly on the cusp of a new beginning. Not content to focus solely on external growth, we will undertake proactive efforts to achieve qualitative development for sustainable growth.

In the current business environment, it is not enough for companies to merely improve profitability. They must also lead in the area of social responsibility, and establish a transparent and fair management system which meets international standards. Also, more and more, the companies are required to follow higher ethical standards from the society and international anti-corruption laws and regulations are getting strict.

Along with these new business trends, Acrux Shipping Pvt.Ltd has been actively embracing its social responsibilities, and implementing a host of ethical management measures and programs. All Acrux Shipping Pvt.Ltd employees pledge to adhere to a code of ethics and fully comply with anti-corruption laws in carrying out the company's global business.